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2020 VHS Honor Cords Required Current Membership by March 4th
VHS Cafeteria Sign Up Postponed

All lunch periods

2nd Saturday Sign Up Postponed

During FREE WareHouse Event, YMCA Gym
D-Fy Signup 6:30-7:30pm / Event 6:00-9:30pm



Laurel Nokomis School 


What is Venice D-Fy?


D-Fy (Drug-Free youth) Is An Organization Of Peers Who Share The Commitment To Make Positive Choices And Live A Healthy,  Drug-Free Life

What Do Members Do?


ID-carrying D-Fy members are eligible to receive local discounts and attend special D-Fy events. Members can help, as leaders, set the agenda for the special events and activities of the group, and help create opportunities for youth to develop leadership and skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. Members can also participate in community service events. Open Events are held throughout the year, which anyone middle or high school age can attend.

How Do Teens Join?


There is NO membership fee to join. Applicants complete a membership application, which is available at Sign-Up/Testing Events. This application includes his/her commitment to be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. All members validate his/her commitment through a confidential, voluntary, drug screening when they join. Random screening may occur throughout membership. Once the application is validated, members receive a photo membership ID card. This card gains them entrance at member-only events and discounts at local businesses and retailers.

How Do I FInd Out More?



Call 941-497-7117

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