Sponsors / Donors Needed

We want to make the 2020-2021 school year as rewarding as possible. We need your help to reward and empower area youth to be drug, alcohol, and nicotine / tobacco free.  

We are currently raising $1000 to reward this year's active D-Fy members. Their pick, when asked, was Paintball. So we are preparing a Member-Only, free Paintball event to reward them.


You can help. Here are some common donation amounts:

   $50 = Sponsor one youth 

   $100 = Provide all hydration for event


   $500 = Sponsor one team 


   $1,000 = Sponsor the entire event so the youth can attend at no cost


   Any Amount = Appreciated by our committed D-Fy youth 

                  Please give your best gift to encourage area middle and high school ages