URGENT - Sponsors & Business Partners Needed

The 2019-2020 school year is shaping up as a record-breaking year. We need your help to reward and empower our youth to be drug, alcohol, and nicotine / tobacco free.  

Our goal is over 1,000 members, double last year's membership.

Here are some common donation amounts and how that might help:

   $20 = two first timer backpacks and contents (D-Fy 1st timer t-shirts, water bottle, lanyard, badge holder, pen)

   $100 = four background checks for adult volunteers

   $150 = testing supplies for 100 members (ID badges, specialized badge printer ink ribbon, gloves,etc.)

   $600 = 100 test kits


   $700 = 100 Venice D-Fy t-shirts, for those who renew, to proudly display commitment to their peers


   $1,000 = Sponsor a member-only event so the youth can attend at no cost (e.g. paintball, Skyzone...)

                                       Please give your best gift to encourage our teens. 

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